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Philipp Korotkov -

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Information Technology
Public sector

As part of the digitalization of cities, we provide a platform that, in conjunction with our sensors and other devices, provides monitoring of air quality, meteorological conditions, telematics, measurement of river levels, noise, irrigation status, etc. With the help of widgets and APIs, these values can be shared on websites, smart boards and screens. The data can also be used in educational programs in schools.

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Dlouhodobý monitoring kvality ovzduší a počasí
Czech Smart City Solutions
Czech IoT Solutions
Czech Digital Weather Solutions
Czech Digital Education Solutions
Czech Collaboration and Communication Platform Solutions
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Monitoring of air quality (PM, NO2, SO2, CO, O3) and meteorological conditions with data transfer to a digital platform and the possibility of sending alerts for elevated values, sharing data on websites, city screens, etc. It can be used in playgrounds, offices, schools, bushes, industrial sites, buildings, etc. The data can also be used by schools for their educational programmes or with their help planning activities in playgrounds.

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