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Pavel Šrámek - pavel.sramek@avesoft.cz

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Information Technology

AVE Soft is an innovative company that creates software. Several successful projects and other companies have gradually emerged from it. AVE Soft's main product is the Evolio information system for law firms. There is also a module for receivables management. The success is thanks to a team of great people who are always one step ahead with their ideas. Another great support is the strong background of the Innovation Support Centre, which is part of the Technical University of Ostrava.

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Czech Digital Law Solutions
Eastern Europe

Evolio is a sophisticated Czech tool for law firms and legal departments of companies. It will help with a quick start of practice for new lawyers and automate the work of experienced matadors. It can also handle receivables management. Evolio can increase office revenue by up to 20%. This is achieved thanks to a set of features that help users with work reporting. Simply put, the system keeps track of the activities performed on behalf of the user. The all-in-one concept is interesting. Evolio includes an electronic lawyer's file linked to data boxes, the insolvency register and a number of other services. Thanks to such a connection, the system can eliminate unnecessary routine work and give attorneys the space to devote more time to their cases. It is worth noting that Evolio meets the most stringent ISO 27001 data security standards. There are a variety of rich options for small and large offices. Sole practitioners can use the free version. For more demanding or larger offices, there is a premium version of Evolia with a number of interesting features for team management, automation, customization of the system or even reporting. The system also has a special module for receivables management, which is really great in Evol. It handles the pre-action and court part of the recovery. The system can handle tens of thousands of claims efficiently for large customers. The emphasis is on automation, so that the filing of the EPR and the subsequent process, does not require human intervention. Evolio can handle claims in batches, whether importing them into the system, making bulk changes or reporting on the success of the recovery.

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Czech Innovative Management and Office Solutions
Czech Digital News Solutions
Eastern Europe

Taxlio was created as a software tailored to the needs of tax and accounting offices. It helps them with clear work distribution, manage the flow of data messages and email, and deals a lot with work reporting and efficiency. Its use reduces the number of applications that users have to use and this also saves a lot of work for users. Taxlio allows the user to have all the information nicely separated into different agendas at hand and in one place. Taxlio focuses on several areas. The first is work reporting and efficiency measurement. The main objective is to ensure that offices do not run out of money unnecessarily. It handles lump-sum work, itemised reporting and extra work. Another area is automation. This includes, for example, automatic sorting of emails and data messages, which are directly assigned to the agendas of individual customers. In addition, tasks for processing individual taxes and payroll are automatically generated based on the tax calendar. Automation also works well when setting up a new client, where all the necessary agendas are generated for that client. Why is it advantageous to have so called all in one? Firstly, it saves unnecessary administration, unnecessary moving of files and information between different applications and records. Secondly, it improves clarity and eliminates unnecessary errors and confusion. If the user sees a chronological overview of sent data messages, emails and other activities in one place, he quickly gets an idea of the current situation. In addition, Taxlio can link this well with user rights and, for example, a temporary worker cannot access sensitive data. Taxlio automatically files clients' files according to the taxes you deal with them, eliminating fragmented records across different spreadsheets and notes. Automatic mail sorting eliminates the re-sorting of attachments, so you can see on the tax case timeline what steps happened and when. You can also restrict user rights so that, for example, a temporary worker doesn't see sensitive client information they shouldn't have access to in the first place. Taxlio is used by companies of various sizes. Larger companies especially appreciate the tools for teamwork, control and automation. Smaller companies and individuals see the benefits especially in the all-in-one concept, as it saves their people time. And regardless of size, everyone is interested in work reporting and how to ensure they are well rewarded for their work. Taxlio helps you to go home with a clear head.

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