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Jan Sovák -

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Logistics, Transport

Bee Interactive s.r.o. was founded in 2014 and focuses on the development and distribution of its own product EasyCargo - Load efficiently to help with optimization of transport. The application is provided directly in the browser as SaaS in more than 12 languages to the whole world.

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EasyCargo - Load efficiently
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EasyCargo is a loading software for trucks and containers (also called load planner or load planning software). Such an online truck and container calculator helps you plan your loading using the most optimized distribution of cargo items in the given cargo space. You just enter the dimensions and eventual constraints of articles (e.g. non-stackable, non-tiltable, non-rotatable) to be loaded and EasyCargo will propose a solution in the form of a load plan. You can generate a print report with details of the loading plan or share the result with your customers/vendors via a link.

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