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Information Technology

We are a marketing science company and tech startup. We've built over the years a team of 45+ professionals and we are still on the same mission - developing behavioral methodology that captures human motivation and is worth scientifical knowledge of the 21st century and automating and scaling it up at the same time for easy, convenient and affordable daily use, so our customers never lack business insights when they need them.

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Behavio Platform
Czech Digital Marketing and Media Solutions
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Easy to use B2B SaaS solution built on more than 6 years of work on our unique behavioral methodology to collect and analyze data from the online questionnaires sent to respondent panels. It helps to create ads that change shopping behavior to all marketers and brand guys in any stage of the creative process via automated research. Compared to standard research, it offers a low price, fast delivery of results (within 2 days on average) and higher quality results, from which it is also clear what needs to be done to increase the effectiveness of the campaign without the need for consultation. Available both in Europe and in the USA. Win your market by building fastest memory pathways between your brand and customer needs with Behavio platform.

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