CS SOFT a.s.

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Jan Hájek - jan.hajek@cs-soft.cz

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Information Technology

CS SOFT is a traditional supplier of state-of-the-art ATM systems and solutions for civil and military end users. CS SOFT has advanced software development methods, rich experience, an extensive product portfolio and successful installations on 4 continents. We emphasize flexibility and customer needs, which allows us to reliably deploy and operate customized solutions. We are a long-term and proven supplier for air traffic control in the Czech Republic.



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ALS ATC systém
Czech Digital Transport Solutions
Australia and Oceania
North America
South America
Central and South-Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Eastern Europe

ALS is based on a unique parameterization concept that makes this solution easily adaptable to your specific operational needs. A team of ATC experts is ready to adapt the system to local and environmental conditions, ensuring maximum comfort for your air traffic control.

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