Dallmayr Vending & Office, k.s.

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Information Technology
Retail, Business
Agriculture, Food industry

The subject of our business is the sale or rental of vending machines, coffee machines and soda machines. We have beverage machines for both kind of coffee (bean and instant coffee) and other hot drinks. We also offer food vending machines (so-called snack machines) for sweet and salty snacks, baguettes, sandwiches and packaged drinks. We are able to provide a suitable coffee service solution not only for the HORECA segment, but also for companies and offices.

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Czech Innovative Management and Office Solutions
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The D2M application is used to order coffee, tea, water, snacks and even office supplies via an NFC sticker or OR code. This is a quick solution to the order in one click and without unnecessary delays. Thanks to this application, meetings are not interrupted by anyone or anything. You can plan everything according to your needs. NFC stickers or QR codes are placed around the building in offices, meeting rooms or showrooms. Then all you need is an apparatus with active NFC or a QR code reader (e.g. a mobile phone). Process: You approach the red NFC sticker with a switched-on phone with active NFC, or scan the QR code with the camera. After a simple selection of items, the application immediately sends the order to the person who prepares the refreshments at your company. The order comes to her by e-mail and SMS. The person process the order and immediately bring everything to the given room.

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