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We have been in the telecommunications technology business for over 27 years. FrontStage technologies develops and implements an Omni-channel contact center solution. We aim to develop contact centres that deliver ever more effective communications, by focussing on human interactions and business process integration. We believe that our products will be instrumental in overcoming the prevailing negative perception of contact centres on the part of both customers and agents.

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Czech Collaboration and Communication Platform Solutions
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FrontStage is an omni-channel contact center solution with complete list of features. FrontStage brings the flexibility of a single point of control for all the communications channels of customer's communication strategy. he FrontStage application is focused on customer-oriented contact centers and contains all the trends of today's Customer Engagement centers. The in-house development division allows our company to dynamically respond to emerging market requirements and implement these requirements directly into the core FrontStage product. Our goal is to keep FrontStage steadily at the forefront of available technical call center solutions through continuous development and constant feedback from dozens of existing clients. A significant benefit of the offered solution is unrivalled customization options and the possibility of custom development.

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