Futured apps s.r.o.

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Lukáš Strnadel - lukas.strnadel@futured.app

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Information Technology

Futured is a technology company that develops award-winning applications for international clients and startups. It has many years of experience with applications for ministries and authorities. If you have used applications for ŠKODA Auto, Decathlon, Jablotron, COLOP, National Museum or iROZHLAS, you have already met Futured.

Basic information about the product/solution

Vývoj mobilních aplikací
Czech Smart City Solutions
Czech IoT Solutions
Czech FinTech Solutions
Czech e-Health Solutions
Czech e-Government Solutions
Czech Digital Weather Solutions
Czech Digital Transport Solutions
Czech Digital Sport, Esport a Culture Solutions
Czech Digital News Solutions
Czech Digital Network Security and Cyber Security Solutions
Czech Digital Marketing and Media Solutions
Czech Digital Mapping Solutions
Czech Digital Law Solutions
Czech Digital Identity Solutions
Czech Digital Gaming Solutions
Czech Digital Education Solutions
Czech Digital eCommerce and eShop Solutions
Czech Collaboration and Communication Platform Solutions
North America
Central and South-Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Scandinavian countries
Middle East

Apps. Research. Design. Development. QA. Release. Analytics. Maintenance. Aftercare. - 10+ years of experience - 50+ in-house experts - 200+ succesful projects - 3 branches in Prague, Brno and Vienna WHAT. Helping companies push forward their business and achieve goals by making a great mobile experience. HOW. Developing native mobile applications build on great UX, top-notch UI & strict QA process.

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