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Tereza Karlíková -

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Information Technology

We develop and deliver a modern cloud attendance system GIRITON, for which we also provide a full tech support.

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Attendance GIRITON is a modern easy to use cloud attendance system with exports to ERP, CRM and payroll. It offers modern wallmount attendance clock with a touch screen, portable IoT clock, applications for tablets and POS terminals, a sophisticated mobile app for the field workers and a main web application. In addition to attendance, home offices, overtime, meal vouchers and businesstrips you can plan shifts, record time on projects or submit and approve vacation requests. Users and their permissions can be divided into departments. The system sends notifications for example about employee's end of trial period, end of employment, unplanned absences and many other events. In addition to the public REST API, it also offers direct integration with other cloud systems. The technical support is fully available to you even during the free trial period to help you import users and set up the entire system to calculate according to the required parameters.

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