HAVEL & PARTNERS s.r.o., advokátní kancelář

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Mgr. Robert Nešpůrek, LL.M. - support@certoo.eu

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We are a business-oriented law firm with a pro-active approach. With a team of highly qualified lawyers, our top priorities include client care and time flexibility. We take an individual and personal approach to each client and in finding a proper solution for their needs. We strive to provide services with high added value, to create excellent and lasting business relations with clients, and to provide services in a manner exceeding our clients‘ expectations.

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Czech Digital Law Solutions
Central and South-Eastern Europe

Certoo, a new innovative solution by the law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS, which offers proof of authorship with the help of the most modern technological tool – blockchain. In practice, we perceive how difficult it is for clients in the event of a dispute to prove that they are the authors of a specific work. And because we are a leader in legal services innovation, we have created this blockchain project that solves such a problem. Certoo is a simple online tool that allows you to quickly and easily certify ownership of any digital files. Through it, the client gains access to its private storage and can upload any file or folder he or she wants to protect. Certoo encrypts the files and saves them on a blockchain. A blockchain certificate is used to confirm the authorship, which is a proof that a certain file was indeed in its possession at a specific moment. Simple, fast and smart solution! For authors, entrepreneurs, musicians - in short, for anyone who wants to protect any digital file or folder.

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