HoloMotion Media

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Dominik Peršl - dominik@holomotion.cz

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Information Technology
Retail, Business

We're leading operators in the fields of 3D holographic vitrines and advertisement selling. HoloMotion Media also manufactures the hardware and ensures the logistics and assembly of the HoloVitrines. Our company was founded by a group of experienced marketing experts in the fields of advertising and promotion. We have worked with prominent international clients; our work brought us appreciation in the form of Bronze Lion Award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Basic information about the product/solution

HLV - holographic light vitrine
Czech Digital Marketing and Media Solutions
North America
Western Europe
Middle East

We present a unique and novel advertising space for products and services’ presentation. HLV are located in exclusive spots in the busiest parts of shopping malls. The message of your advert will reach thousands of visitors each day. The content on HoloVitrines is displayed in high definition using state-of-the-art technology. The finest processing and sophisticated materials emphasize the overall impression induced by an innovative holographic advert, catching attention of all passers-by. ▪ a new, previously unseen type of advertising space ▪ catching attention many times more than LED screens ▪ large display area (111 x 157 cm / 65 x 111 cm) ▪ 100% panel transparency evoking an illusion of levitation ▪ high luminosity – content is fully visible also in bright areas ▪ the possibility to increase display area by composing multiple vitrines adjacently ▪ a durable construction made of exclusive materials ▪ premium design

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