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We will increase your corporate revenue with clever data wizardry. Insightee Method is a specially designed set of tools, approaches and best practices that reliably increase our clients’ revenues, sales numbers, customer retention, etc. In short: It makes you money. (+65 % revenue increase on average)


Jsme tým odborníků z Prahy, kteří vaše data promění ve vyšší zisky. Pomohli jsme více než stovce společností po celém světě získat přehled o tom, jak jejich podnikání funguje a jak jej zlepšit. Efektivita těchto společností se zvýšila, stouply jim tržby i marže. Vztahy se zákazníky a jejich věrnost se výrazně zlepšily.

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Insightee Service
Czech Innovative Management and Office Solutions
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Insightee Method is fixing typical sales issues: - Customer Retention and Expansion are Poor - Reps don’t spend Enough Time Selling - Companies Sell to the Wrong People - Sales Fail to Align with Other Departments - Companies have a Technological Deficiency And more… Insightee Service turns your data into smart guidance for your sales reps. - What is going on - What is likely to happen - What to do Get immediate and high Revenue increase with deep Sales insights for your Management and actionable Sales dashboards and smart recommendations for your Salespeople. - Spend more time selling than searching for information. - Sell to the right prospects, similar to your Strategic customers. - Align your Sales and Marketing. - Retain the existing clients who may be at risk of attrition. - Bridge your technology gap by letting us transform your data into actionable sales insights. Have a customer retention “watchdog” that never sleeps. Let your salespeople receive smart, actionable notifications. Our actionable sales guidance will tell them what happened, what is likely to happen and what to do – whenever we detect a significant change in any of your customer’s purchase behavior. Get a deep understanding of how your customers, products and salespeople relate. Analyze your entire business easily, interactively and know the context. Put fixing of the typical sales issues on an “autopilot”. Get a significant value from your data. No need to build anything on your own. We will analyze your customer behavior and make it hassle-free for you. We will actively measure how your business is improving. Put your data to work.

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