Kontrolka s.r.o.

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Ondřej Velebný - ondrej.velebny@kontrolka.cz

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Information Technology

Kontrolka is a successful and established Czech company growing by 200% from year to year, offering a wide range of services from visual identity and 3D animation to designing digital user interfaces for the 15 largest car manufacturers on 5 continents. We have over 20 milion cases on the road with our design, which combines beauty and utility. You are sure to have encountered it over many years now.

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Kontrolka HMI Concept & Design studio makes our clients successful by improving the control, appearance, usability and friendliness of their products. Specifically, we design and improve user interfaces for software applications, digital displays, mobile applications, and virtual environments. Our customers are car manufacturers and manufacturers of hardware equipment produced in volumes over hundreds of thousands of pieces. We offer: consulting, ideation, brand strategy, research, product UX strategy, project management, design interaction, user interface design, visual design, user experience design, 3D motion design, virtual and augmented reality, design systems, design craftsmanship, prototyping, user testing, asset production implementation, quality assurance.