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Daniel Bohuslav -

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Information Technology

We develop software since 2003 and our keyboards have delivered over 1000 successful projects. These include desktop, web, and mobile applications, enterprise IT systems, and smart IoT devices. If you want to save your energy while running a smooth infrastructure we will be happy to provide reliable IT support. We are located in Prague and we serve clients all over the world. New technology enables us to simplify your work, reduce costs, and offer a better user experience.


K našim klientům patří mimo velkých i malých podniků také Poslanecká sněmovna ČR a přední české univerzity.

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Vývoj software a IoT řešení na míru
Czech IoT Solutions
Czech Innovative Management and Office Solutions
Czech e-Government Solutions
Czech Digital Network Security and Cyber Security Solutions
Czech Digital eCommerce and eShop Solutions
Australia and Oceania
North America
East Asia
Central and South-Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Scandinavian countries

We design custom software and IoT solutions with user simplicity in mind. Our specialty is business automation, machine learning, and the internet of things.

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