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Information Technology

We are a well-coordinated team that builds on a fine-tuned way of communication and cooperation. It was the need for effective communication and cooperation both with our clients and internally that led us to create Nardo Space. We combined our own needs with those of our clients and started to provide Nardo Space as a commercial platform. We enjoy the references of our clients, they are an engine for us and we in return try to improve the system for them so that they could keep on loving it.

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Nardo Space
Czech Collaboration and Communication Platform Solutions
Western Europe
Eastern Europe

Nardo Space is used for effective communication and collaboration, both internally within the company and with external customers and partners. It eliminates problems related to e-mail communication, remote collaboration and many others. Deployment brings time and cost savings, increasing the quality of services provided, improving processes, and reducing risks. It can be used, among other things, as a service desk or help desk while maintaining all the other functions and benefits it offers. It belongs to the systems essential for digital transformation.

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