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Information Technology

Onlio, a.s., is a Czech software company operating on the European market since 2000. The most important competencies are system integration and digitization of processes. Onlio, a.s., belongs to the TOP 10 most important European partners of Atlassian and also Elite partner of Pipedrive CRM.

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eDoCat DMS
Czech Innovative Management and Office Solutions
Czech Collaboration and Communication Platform Solutions
Central and South-Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Scandinavian countries

The DMS eDoCat document repository is Onlio’s own product based on the Alfresco Community Edition platform. eDoCat DMS is a professional document managenet system focused on a electronic documents management and managing their circulation through a workflow. The philosophy of DMS eDoCat is built on versatility, which is hidden in a simple yet very powerful foundation. There are four basic components of DMS eDoCat, on which the management of all document agendas is based: a) Data Spaces and Access Rights - Data can be stored in substantively and logically separated areas, similar to the commonly known network drive connections in the Microsoft server world. Each data area has/may have an administrator who controls access for users whom it assigns access permissions based on the role of the specific user. The assignment of a role to a user is done through their affiliation to specific groups. b) Structured document properties - they are the heart of DMS eDoCat. The properties form an indivisible whole with the document. Properties - document metadata is bound to the document type. Each document in DMS eDoCat is assigned one document type, which is determined by the content of the document itself. c) Workflow-based document circulation management - DMS eDoCat has a sophisticated document circulation management system, thanks to which uniform principles can be enforced, e.g., for individual document types, areas, user groups, etc. d) Integration - DMS eDoCat is located at a low level in the hierarchy of information systems within the company and is therefore very open towards communication with other systems in the information infrastructure. Both inwards - receiving documents, data batches, commands from other systems, and outwards - submitting documents, data batches and commands towards other information systems.

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