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Lenka Michalská -

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Banking, Financial services
Information Technology
Retail, Business
Manufacturing industry
Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Industry

OpenWise is a company with the headquarter in Prague. It focuses on software development. Its flagship is a smart product catalog WisePorter, which helps to both small as well as enterprise companies to manage their product portfolio in modern way, to offer their products to their customers and to automatically integrate the vendors. Our customers are the best czech and worldwide companies from finance, telecommunication, eCommerce, pharma and utilities domains.

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Czech FinTech Solutions
Czech Digital eCommerce and eShop Solutions
East Africa
Australia and Oceania
North America
Central Africa
North Africa
South America
East Asia
Central and South-Eastern Europe
Central Asia
Central America and the Caribbean
Southeast Asia
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
South Asia
South Africa
Scandinavian countries
Middle East

WisePorter is a smart product catalog. It allows business users to manage all product portfolio related information in comfortable and friendly GUI, in one place for all systems across their organization. They can define products, its parameters, marketing texts, pictures and video content, SEO settings, organize products into categories, define relationships between the products or create bundles. Additionally, the whole pricing strategy can be defined within the WisePorter by rich set of business rules, and fully automated. Vendors can automatically import their offers and pricelists, it is automatically compared, the best possible vendor chosen. WisePorter also automatically calculates internal costs, margins and derived sales prices for all active sales channels and customer groups. Everyting is fully in hands of business users, no programming is required. WisePorter is a specialized PIM system which helps companies increase on-line sales, shorten time-to-market and reduce the requirements for IT to support daily operations. It acts as a dashboard for the sales team to inspect all offering and pricing information. WisePorter supports dynamic pricing and advanced product modeling. This makes it perfect for selling complex products or using sophisticated sales strategies on-line.

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