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ProID is a modular Enterprise Security platform – focusing on Workforce & Technical Identity. It provides protection for over 120K users from various verticals - financial, healthcare, public sector, utility, manufacturing, etc. – often covered by NIS 2 directive. Users benefit from our in-house developed, strong security Multifactor Authentication & Signing methods. Tech units are looked after by multiple modules providing complex Certificate Lifecycle Management and Key Management System.

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ProID Multifactor: Tools and methods for workforce identity authentication and simple login: all accompanied by a number of special applications for management. Methods include smart cards, ProID Mobile authentication app, USB key and TPM chip. ProID QSeal - Qualified electronic seal: An effective and secure solution for electronic sealing: directly on your server via a USB token. An ideal tool for batch or mass sealing: with easy installation at an unrivalled price. The ProID QSeal qualified electronic seal has been developed for easy use in public offices, hospitals or courts. It effortlessly handles mass sealing, with up to 1,700 seals per hour. The seal conforms to certification and is in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation. Key Management System (KMS): KMS is a comprehensive solution for protecting the technical elements of the infrastructure, storing digital keys and distributing them. It enables clear identification of individual devices and digital certificate management. ProID Module: Modules and applications for enterprise infrastructure admins, including tools for managing the life cycle of keys, certificates and user permissions. Domain includes Building certification authorities (CA), Creation of certification policies and also supply, installation and commissioning of HSM modules.

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