SafeDX s.r.o.

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Information Technology

We are a provider of managed IT and cloud services with our own Tier III data center located in Prague. We offer modern IT platform services enabling access to state-of-the-art technologies to a wide range of customers. Our services help you innovate, speed up your projects, increase their efficiency and facilitate your business thanks to technologically advanced facilities, extensive expertise and good knowledge of the market and legislation.

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Data center services
Czech Smart City Solutions
Czech Search Engine Host
Czech IoT Solutions
Czech Innovative Management and Office Solutions
Czech FinTech Solutions
Czech e-Health Solutions
Czech e-Government Solutions
Czech Digital Weather Solutions
Czech Digital Transport Solutions
Czech Digital Sport, Esport a Culture Solutions
Czech Digital News Solutions
Czech Digital Network Security and Cyber Security Solutions
Czech Digital Marketing and Media Solutions
Czech Digital Mapping Solutions
Czech Digital Law Solutions
Czech Digital Identity Solutions
Czech Digital Gaming Solutions
Czech Digital Education Solutions
Czech Digital eCommerce and eShop Solutions
Czech Collaboration and Communication Platform Solutions
Central and South-Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Eastern Europe

For 5 years, we have been providing top services in the modern environment of our own data center in Prague's Vysočany, meeting the current requirements for data center infrastructure according to the TIA942/Tier III standard. We use the background and the latest know-how of the parent company Foxconn in the field of research, development and production and integration of IT technologies. We cooperate with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the field of IT technologies and thanks to this we have access to technological and software innovations that we actively mediate to our clients. SafeDX is a safe, economical, and easily accessible data center with a wide range of services tailored to the customer's needs in the wider center of Prague. We provide professional ICT service, high availability, and above-standard operational efficiency, including international connectivity. We can flexibly adapt to capacity and space requirements not only in the primary data center in Prague, but we also provide geographically redundant services.

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