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SmartGuide is a global digital guide platform that makes publishing a professional digital travel guide easy and fast. The SmartGuide app then guides travelers at their own pace, outside of the crowds and tells them interesting stories from local guides about the place they visit, also fully offline. SmartGuide already guides 500,000 travelers in over 570 destinations, including the official guide of Switzerland Tourism, Singapore Heritage Board, Prague, Pilsner Brewery and many others.

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SmartGuide Smart Destination Management solution
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SmartGuide helps tourist attractions, destinations, and tourism boards to attract and engage more tourists with ready-made guiding technology that is orders or magnitude faster, cheaper, and better than custom-developed apps. The SmartGuide app turns a traveler's phone into a safe and engaging personal guide. It guides travelers whenever it suits them, at their own pace, outside of the crowds, and tells them exciting stories from local guides about the place they visit, also fully offline. Tourists enjoy the visit and learn more conveniently listening to stories rather than reading. The explore even the less visited places self-guided and only touch their own phone so they stay safe from Covid. You can have such a professional digital guide ready in a matter of hours and without any IT development. In our Content Management System you just locate places of interest on the map, type in texts and upload images. We will automatically generate audio with the best AI-based text-to-speech system or you can upload your own audio files. You can publish a guide yourself entirely for free or have our experts craft bespoke content for you. SmartGuide uses modern scalable and secure cloud technology and takes care of all the app updates, maintenance and end even user support so that you don't have to involve IT or worry about anything. You’ll get amazing big data insights on visitors, how they behave, where they go, how much time they spend there, what do they find interesting and what is boring. This really enables smart destination management and is fully GDPR compliant. By joining SmartGuide you will promote your destination to independent travelers who will see it on nearby trips, but you can also promote your hotels, restaurants, activities, or a tourist card. You can attract various audiences by preparing special content for families, recommending accessible routes for the disabled, and providing guides in multiple languages. This is a real boost for your whole travel ecosystem. Top destinations globally already chose Smartguide as their official guide. For example. Switzerland Tourism digitized walking tours to promote tourism in 24 Swiss cities in 4 languages in just 6 weeks. Prague inspired visitors to spend 30% of their time outside of the crowded city center by telling them interesting stories about less visited places. Singapore National Tourism board used SmarGuide to inspire both locals and visitors to discover local hidden gems and to collect feedback from tourists. So are you also ready to join the future of travel? Let us know and we’ll help you get started.

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