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Anna Veselá - anna@spectoda.com

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Information Technology

We are a two-year-old technology start-up originally from the Zlín Region with the head office in Prague. We are focused on HW, FW, and SW development. We offer clients tailor-made solutions from design to implementation in the field of lighting solutions and design (using our own technologies).

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Spectoda System
Czech Smart City Solutions
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Spectoda is an innovative system that turns ordinary lights into smart lights. The system works decentralized, independently on the streaming device. Unlike other solutions, it saves data flows and thus infrastructure costs. Our vision is to give people and companies a comprehensive tool (HW and SW) that allows them to work with light. As hardware, we use microcontrollers with wireless connectivity and our own firmware. At the same time, we have been developing our own software solution, where it is possible to set and personalize the behavior of the lights (reaction to sensors, synchronization with music, etc.). Advantages of Spectoda controllers over the competition include: Increase the smoothness of the image up to 4x per 100 frames per second Smaller data streams, so frozen animations do not occur No need for a connected computer Light animations can be modified live Thanks to Spectoda, besides a predetermined show, artists have the opportunity to improvise during the performance. Spectoda reacts to movement, shocks, and sound. It is used in culture (lighting props, costumes, stage lighting, DJs, etc.), stores (lighting windows and stores, so that they interact with passing customers), on buildings, and in products with built-in lights. We have been constantly improving and developing our product by implementing that in the smart lamp NARA made by us, which customers can purchase for their homes.


více informací o NARA lamp: https://naralamp.cz/o-nas/

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