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Information Technology
Logistics, Transport
Manufacturing industry

Our company - as part of the TTC Holding group - is a manufacturer and system integrator of complex solutions, especially telecommunications and IT ones, for various market segments, especially energy (with an emphasis on electric power), transport (with an emphasis on railways) and many others.

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Dispečerské zařízení typu KONOS
Czech Digital Transport Solutions
Czech Collaboration and Communication Platform Solutions
East Africa
Central Africa
North Africa
South America
Central and South-Eastern Europe
Central America and the Caribbean
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
South Africa
Scandinavian countries
Middle East

The KONOS dispatching system is mainly used in the modernization and consolidation of voice communication in critical infrastructure. Its uniqueness and exceptionality lies in its universality and flexibility. Using the KONOS solution from TTC MARCONI gives the customer the opportunity to unify all voice (and not only voice) communication into one system. KONOS can work simultaneously with all types of communication infrastructure, of all generations, even the most outdated ones. Another advantage is the openness of the system and the company's readiness to set up and program the system fully according to the needs of a specific customer and the demanding rules of his communication.

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