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Lukáš Kučera - lukas.kucera@xevos.eu

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Information Technology

XEVOS Solutions provides comprehensive IT solutions – from system integration and service support to cloud, server, network, printer solutions and HW and SW equipment.

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Czech IoT Solutions
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Clouder is an innovative project that aims to change the way we use personal computers. Clouder is fully functional cloud based personal computer. It is a combination of hardware and software that offers top notch performance while being very cost efficient at the same time. The user physically interacts with our platform via Clouder Air Client, which sits on the desktop and connects to the servers. The users pay only for the amount of performance they use on a monthly basis. Practically unlimited performance: The user pays based on the amount of performance they need. It is possible to setup a computer more advanced than anything on the market right now. The user sets up how much performance they need and their desktop is ready. If the user needs to use more computing performance, he can do so in the Clouder settings menu. The Clouder performance plans will differ based on the location of the user. The whole desktop session is on the server side. The user can never lose any data because they are stored in the Cloud during the entire session. Storing the data in cloud at all times is also the most secure way of data storage.