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EN: Levebee has been creating educational apps for children since 2014. Enjoyed by 200,000+ students worldwide, Levebee helps pre-school and primary school students to fill the gaps in basic skills (reading, writing, maths and languages), including children with special education needs and different mother tongues. The company has received numerous international awards for social impact.

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Levebee Maths
Czech Digital Education Solutions
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EN: Fill the gaps in maths! Levebee app is made with love for all kids at pre-school and primary school level, including students with special education needs (eg. dyslexia, autism, ADHD, visual impairments) and different mother tongues (eg. Ukrainians). Enjoyed by 200,000+ students worldwide. All concepts taught in the app are divided into the smallest possible learning bits designed as fun activities with strong methodological purpose. UI is fully adjustable to kids with specific needs. Collecting and spending activity points boosts kids' motivation and teaches them the basics of financial literacy. Detailed analytics help teachers to identify gaps in students' knowledge.

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