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Marek Klimeš - marek.klimes@vocalls.cz

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Information Technology

We are experts in designing conversations with artificial intelligence. We build voicebots and chatbots that sound like a person. Voicebot is an AI-powered voice assistant who understands human speech and conducts a full-fledged conversations over the phone. The voicebot’s superpowers are it’s immediate response to the caller without waiting, it’s ability to work 24/7 and it easily of handles hundreds of parallel calls at once. You can build and operate our voicebots by yourself.

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Czech Smart City Solutions
Czech e-Health Solutions
Czech e-Government Solutions
Czech Digital eCommerce and eShop Solutions
North America
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Central and South-Eastern Europe
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Voicebots and chatbots help handling mainly routine, frequently recurring client requests. You can streamline your call centre operations and improve customer care. With our voicebots, you save lots of time and money and never miss a call ever again. They handle incoming calls and understand the client's needs. They can call clients, make an appointment, remind, collect debt, collect feedback or upsell services. They provide information or guide clients on how they can solve the problem themselves. They help in many industries: banks, insurance, telecommunications, HR and recruiting, shipping services, e-commerce and many more. The success of our voicebots is confirmed by 5 wins in the Czech Contact Center Awards.

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